About Us

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White rock Adventure Lodge has wonderful mountain views and wildlife. With walking, bird watching, game viewing on your doorstep you can relax in peace and tranquillity White rock Adventure Lodge offers guests a great location to enjoy self-catering accommodation. The landscape is varied, ranging from mountainous to hilly to valleys with magnificent views and is extremely rich in its diversity of vegetation, birdlife and wildlife. Here is an abundance of wonderful and numerous trees such as the Marula, Kiaat and Lowveld Chestnut whilst wild orchids and other colourful flowering plants supply the ‘bush bling’. The skies are the playing fields of numerous birds of prey such as the majestic Jackal Buzzard and the iconic African Fish Eagle with the trees providing the ‘jungle gyms’ for the bright and beautiful Purple Turacos and Narina Trogons. So prolific is the birdlife in fact that the Lowveld Bird Club has enjoyed a number of ‘bird spotting’ outings on the property!

Levelling the playing fields, on the ground, numerous species of wildlife delight the senses with their appearance – the magnificent Kudu; the stately Waterbuck; the shy Bushbuck; the elusive Red Duiker and their ‘lesser’ cousin, the Common Duiker; the agile Klipspringer; the Mountain Reedbuck; the powerful Chacma Baboons; the cheeky Vervet Monkeys; the comical Warthog; the grouchy Bushpig; the spikey Porcupine; the nocturnal ‘big five’ of Black-backed Jackal /Serval /African Civet /Large-spotted Genet /African Wild Cat and the ‘little five’ of Scrub Hare, Tree Squirrel, Banded Mongoose, Dwarf Mongoose, Slender Mongoose and last but not least, the cantankerous Honey Badger and the eerie-sounding Bushbabies, not to mention the occasional visit from a Leopard or a Spotted Hyaena or even an odd Bat-eared Fox!

Due to its altitude and positioning in the mountains, the area is blessed with a cool and most welcome breeze on those hot, humid and stifling Lowveld days.

White rock Adventure Lodge is Situated at an altitude of 840m above sea level, 25km from Nelspruit, the property sits at the base of a massive granite outcrop known as Witkop (White rock), in the Crocodile Gorge Mountains in the sub-tropical area of the Mpumalanga Lowveld. Nestled amongst lush, indigenous vegetation. This 24ha property forms part of the 30 000ha nature reserve known as the Crocriver Mountain Conservancy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]